Airport Consulting

More than ten years experience of cooperation with airlines and airports allow us to say with confidence that we understand needs of airlines and can assist airports to adapt their services to the wishes of carriers.

On the other hand, our past airline experience in Network Planning and Development, let us evaluate and monitor on regular basis different practices of airport marketing and sales activities for attracting new carriers and routes development.

Moreover, with in our team we have specialists on one of the most promising area in the airport commercial activity of the CIS countries – ancillary revenue – which under the current competitive environment could be the only way to keep break even operation.

  • New customer airlines approach, case study and follow up;
  • Optimization of connection facilities for operating carriers to develop transit traffic flows through the airport;
  • Assistance in cooperation between carriers;
  • All necessary marketing and consulting support for customer airlines – helping them to keep and improve their operating result through the year;
  • Intermodal product support and/or development (air, rail and bus transportation);
  • Marketing and incentive programs to attract new customer airlines;
  • Development and increase of the ancillary revenue program;
  • Public events on the territory of airport to attract incremental revenue;
  • Sale of advertising space managed by the airport.