Key of success!

It is common practice that crisis and external restrictions for commercial activities make top-management to looking for the internal resources for growth inside of the companies. In the meantime we are in process of the tight cooperation with the Ukrainian travel industry and our pleasure to share with the results concentrated in a growth, exactly:

  • Personal development (unconditional result of the training program)
  • Sales increasing (the target of the training program)
  • Company growth (the main aim in the end)
  • All mentioned above objectives are achieved by our training programs. The series of the trainings had place in May 2014 at the biggest travel agency in Ukraine were successful far beyond the expectations. The conducted programs named “Efficient sales”, “Art of communication with the Client”, “The vaccine preventing the conflicts” are described in details at block “Consulting Services for Travel Agencies”. The main reasons let us achieved the great results in general and lucky presented in our cooperation with “Kiy Avia” can be briefly formulated as key points.

    First of all, the deeper involvement of top-management into the process guarantees the better results. In this particular practice, we admired noticing as top-management of Kiy Avia really interested in the final result of trainings. My husband has “a regular joke”. Looking at my expensive cream standing in the center of my night table, he sarcastically asked if I really thought that just putting cream at the most apparent cream, but don’t touch it, I got the treatment. To pay for the education doesn’t mean gather it. The positive changes after trainings can be achieved only in case of top-management involved, and lucky we had it in Kiy Avia.

    Secondly, the result was defined by the branch adaptation of all materials. In common practice we used our agent, supervisor, and managers’ experience of working in travel agents, airlines and hospitality enterprises, there we also adjusted the program with the exact Kiy Avia requests. Travel agents are highly demanding audience. Taking into consideration that different level of preparation each of it, we revealed the average level and then build all the exercises in the nearest area of their development means little bit more difficult than they used to have. It also allows us to certify the agents by levels: trainee, agent, expert.

    The last, but not least key factor of success is the combination of the theory and practice. The ideal process of positive changes looks like the follow stages: consciousness, actions, skills as a habit. However, if we can’t realize firstly, we just started doing and working under the automatic producing of the correct actions (forming a habit of the setting contact with a Client, applying correct forms of questions, efficient proposal of the ancillary services), later, in the process, understanding will appear. So, the result will be provided or from a top (mind), other from a bottom (arm, mouth etc.).

    Apart from all above-mentioned factors, we had a brilliant audience. Highly-motivated groups with strong desire of improvements were the excellent ground for maximizing the results of the training programs. 90% of the participants wanted to get the skills to sell more, 30% of them will provide the great results within short period, rest of would improve the sales consequently.

    In the end of day, we had three winning sides Agent and Company, and Client. Frequently, we tell a popular story. CFO asks CEO: “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us? CEO: “What happens if we don’t and they stay”. Welcome on board of our trainings!