We are glad to announce that TransAvia Group by our General Director Lyudmyla Slobodyanyuk has accredited of Belbin Team Role (BTR) Model. Its first accreditation of Belbin Model in Ukraine, and now we are unique :)

BTR Model is specialized in running team building and team evaluation sessions that will be tailored to your business, objectives, team size and special wishes. The experience has proven to be very beneficial to management teams at all levels of the organisation:

  • team members get an insight in both the theoretical and practical backgrounds of team dynamics
  • management gets hands-on experience on how to form well-balanced teams and how to fix "unbalanced teams" using business simulations
  • We invite you to take a course (training) that will useful for both Organisations and Individuals (as a part of team)


  • learn to exploit your strengths and manage your weaknesses
  • discover how others appreciate you and find the jobs and positions that suit you best
  • Organisations:
  • Learn to select people that are compatible with each other and your organisation.
  • Learn to build teams that are fit for their tasks.