First Suite Class - seats with two sliding doors, the first suite of its kind to be offered by a Korean airline. The full flat bed stretching 210cm in length is equipped with the world's largest 32in HD personal monitor, guaranteeing a unrivaled viewing experience.

First Class - seat provides a 180-degree recline converting each seat into bed-type seat and an 83 in wide seat space, allowing a premium in-flight experience. Each seat is separated with a partition to maximize the privacy of each passenger, and the automatic seat control system provides true comfort.

Business Smartium Class - premium business class in-flight experience with its staggered seat layout that offers direct aisle access from every seat allowing unobstructed movement by passengers around the cabin, the 180-degree reclining bed-type seat.

Business Class - offers a seat space of 58 inches to 62 inches and spacious bed-type seats for the comfort of passengers. The seat partition provides private spaces, and the seat control system guarantees maximum comfort.

Travel Class - for a more convenient and pleasant trip, movies and entertainment contents are provided on the personal monitors, and some of Asiana Airlines' best Korean in-flight meals, including yeongyangssambap and bibimbap, are served.

Inernational Lounge Asiana Airlines (Korea)

Relax before boarding the flight, experience the premium service offered by Asiana Airlines at the Asiana Airlines Lounge, the ideal place for both business and relaxation. Enjoy the best-quality services in the premium lounge of Asiana Airlines.

In flight meal/beverage

Asiana Airlines prepares for you the highest quality food through alliances with renowned Korean restaurants and professionals to provide you with a new and wide-ranging in-flight meal service.

First and Business Class passengers can enjoy the best Western dishes and full course meals, as well as various Korean, Chinese, and Japanese 'Kyo-kaiseki' cuisine, organic coffee and espresso, world-class wines, and more.

In Travel Class you can enjoy , which was awarded a ‘2006 Mercury Awards’ Gold Prize from ITCA (International In-flight Catering Association), as well as various other Korean dishes depending on your route.

Moreover, Asiana Airlines provides special in-flight meals for passengers who cannot eat the regular in-flight meal due to religious, medical reasons, age, etc.

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